Do Good Well. Your Guide To Leadership, Action, And Social Innovation

Do Good Well. Your Guide To Leadership, Action, And Social Innovation

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Written with a fresh voice and a dash of humor, Do Good Well is an exciting and readily adaptable guide to social innovation that not only captures the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of our time, but also harnesses the insights, wisdom, and down-to-earth experience of today’s most accomplished young leaders


Do Good Well offers a winning combination of theory, anecdote, and application, giving you the framework you need to make an impact next door or across the world

It is not an all-or nothing proposition, and anyone can affect social change.

The authors present a 12-step process that empowers readers to act on their passions and concerns

The book incorporates accounts of young people in action, and always reinforces the message that social innovation can be a lifestyle, made up of efforts small and large

They offer specific guidance for following the process through practical and prescriptive actions such building organizations, joining boards, applying for funding, creating partnerships with organizations that have similar goals, organizing conferences, and publicizing events

This process is organized into three parts Do What Works, Work Together, and Make It Last